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An important component of supporting commercial ventures in Cobquecura is the improvement public services of TI provided within the town so that small businesses can get their IT problems resolved locally without having to go to Quirihue, Chillán or Concepción with the resulting costs for companies in terms of transportation and time.


Before Feb 27, 2010, Alberto Guajardo, was already well on his way to becoming the IT expert of the town. In addition to having already received training, Alberto’s tiny business was one of the few remaining after the 27F earthquake.


Recupera Chile provided him with additional training and contacts and an expensive soldering machine so that he could provide both hardware and software support to residents of the town. Not only had this allowed him to make some extra income on the side, it also allows locals to have their computers and phones fixed quickly in the town itself (as opposed to having to leave to another nearby city) as well as provides tourists with an excellent option to repair laptops and cell phones while visiting.

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