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Recupera Chile has mainly worked with the communities of Cobquecura, the Coastal Bio-Bio region and Perales to improve quality of life in the short and long term, recognizing the communities as the principal motor in the process of recovery and development. Recupera Chile has worked with these communities to develop a plan of recovery/development gathering all the different visions that there is in each community.
Cobquecura was the epicenter of the earthquake of February 2010 and suffered huge material and social losses as a result. The historic nature of Cobquecura, combined with its small size and the isolation from large urban centers has meant that the recovery process of houses has been particularly challenging, expensive and time consuming.
Dichato was badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. Around a 80% of the town was destroyed and 17 locals lost their lives. The industries most affected by the disaster were fishing and tourism (hotels and restaurants particularly).
Perales is a small community of around 500 people with a per capita income of between USD$500 and USD$1.200 per year. It lost over the 60% of its buildings due to the earthquake and tsunami of 2010 including more than 50 permanent houses and 45 second houses along with commercial premises and several goods.
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