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Working directly with community members and with a group of local universities, government agencies and NGO partners, Recupera Chile team collaborates in the project to rebuild and improve the community infrastructure and social supports in coastal towns that were destroyed by the combined forces of the February 27, 2010 earthquake and the subsequent tsunamis.


Recupera Chile uses Disaster Recovery methodology that focuses on community driven activities and programs designed to re-build the communities and sustain them into the future. The activities are designed to strengthen the built environment, the economic opportunities, the social welfare and the cultural heritage of each of the communities.


During the first two years (2011-2014), Recupera Chile provided structures and opportunities for community members to meet together, to surface their concerns, needs and dreams and to articulate plans for moving forward. Even during the early phase of the project, Recupera Chile worked with community leaders and members to implement many of these plans. The implementation phase continues into the present.




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