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Participation in Tomé Mental Health network from 2013 to date.

This network has allowed for the streamline of some clinical cases and workshops on the prevention of violence against women.




Participation in Regional ONG Table from 2014 to date.

Instance to share data and for the development of an identity, as a third area, in order to cooperate, propose and influence regional strategies related to our topics. NGOs and foundations with regional presence participate.


Support in the formation and participation of the network of Aquaculture Technical Schools in the region from 2014 to date.

The beneficiaries are Technical School students who have assisted with the application of public funding and 10 jobs at chain hotels in Concepción.


A culinary competition was also coordinated throughout May to students from the network of Aquaculture Technical Schools at the Food Fair in Talcahuano.


Health/Education meetings “Finding solutions together”

Recupera Chile Health Team with Dichato School authorities. Sean and Judith Palfrey, Lili Peacock-Chambers, Pilar Del Canto


Authorities: Subrogee Intendent Mr.Enrique Inostroza; Director at Dichato School, Mr. Guillermo Torres; Dean of Medical School at UdeC, Mr. Raul Gonzalez; Manager of International Relations at UdeC, Mr. Martin Zilic; Outreach Director at UdeC, Ms. Mónica Troncoso and Director of DAEM Tomé.

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