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Through RC’s partnership with schools and local health centers, our case manager identified children and families who were in high need of services for physical and mental health conditions. She worked with the health clinic and the Medical School of Universidad de Concepción to get appointments and care for children.


All clinical cases involve investigations, support, guidance, the purchase of medicine not covered by the health service, and monitoring of people that are on the waiting list for medical evaluation, medical certificate, or surgery.



Detection at Open Fair:

  • 9 cases

  • 8 closed

  • 1 pending 



Monitoring cases and referrals:

  • 16 cases

  • 1 pending

  • Psychiatric evaluation: the evaluation of 1 report is delivered to the school



Summer School:

  • 6 neurological cases

  • 6 pediatric care

  • Case pending closed.


  • Detection and referrals for 4 neurological cases, 13 dental cases, and 5 pediatric cases 


  • Detection and referrals for 2 neurological cases, 63 dental cases, and 7 pediatric cases 


  • Detection and referrals for 3 neurological cases, 22 dental cases, and 4 pediatric cases 

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