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Newsletter: Spring 2018
  • Recupera Chile Efforts: Innovative Adobe Reconstruction
  • RO Director Represents Recupera Chile at the Water Institute 10X Water Summit


Newsletter: Spring 2017
  • New Recupera Chile Academic Paper
Newsletter: Winter 2017
  • Recupera Chile - Winter updates

Newsletter: Fall 2017

  • Natural Disaster Recovery Seminar and Austral Summer School in Dichato


Newsletter: Fall 2016
  • Fall 2016 Updates

Newsletter: Summer 2016

  • Visit to Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Newsletter: Winter 2015/Spring 2016

  • New Collaborations

  • New January Program


Newsletter: January 2015
  • Summer School in Dichato and Cobquecura

Newsletter: April 2015

  • Drinkable Water Initiative in Rural Perales

  • Teacher Development Initiatives in Chile

  • Forum: Chilean Public Policy

Newsletter: May/June 2015

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Competition in Cobquecura, Chile

Newsletter: Fall 2015

  • Conferences in Chile: Antarctica & Climate Change; Didactic Museography

  • Recupera Chile Updates


Newsletter: January 2014
  • Community Recovery: Rebuilding Disaster-Damaged Communities in Chile​
  • Recupera Chile's Health Initiatives
Newsletter: February 2014
  • U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Chile
  • A Summer School in Dichato
Newsletter: March 2014
  • Recupera Chile Beyond Chile's Border
  • Harvard Alums Win Second Prize in Chilean Tower Competition
  • Recupera Chile Student Fundraiser
Newsletter: April 2014
  • Educational Initiative Implemented by Recupera Chile
Newsletter: July 2014
  • Advancing Child Mental Health and Development Service
  • Aquaculture Project in Areas Affected by Earthquake and Tsunami
Newsletter: August 2014
  • Harvard Alumni Reception in Chile

  • Sea Farmers, a New Initiative

  • UdeC y Recupera Chile formarán “granjeros del mar”

  • Recupera Chile y UdeC realizan taller de acuicultura para pescadores artesanales

Newsletter: September 2014
  • Granjeros del Mar Initiative Moving Forward
Newsletter: December 2014
  • Granjeros del Mar Gourmet in Valdivia


Newsletter: December 2013
  • Community Recovery: Rebuilding Disaster-Damaged Communities in Chile
  • Recupera Chile's Health Initiatives

  • Regional Office Signs Agreement with Fundación Mar de Chile

  • Early Childhood Education in Chile

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