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Wahidy and her husband Patricio wanted to start an eco-tourism business that helped to show off the natural splendors of Cobquecura to tourists and locals alike. They also wanted to contribute to a healthier community as they feel biking is a helpful way to enjoy the town in a healthier way than the average trip via car or bus.

Recupera Chile purchased the bikes and helped the business to get its license and plan routes and other logistics. In the end, after a family tragedy, the business was not able to get off the ground. However, Recupera Chile helped the business to lease the bikes to two young men from the town who have been using the bikes to provide their own private tours, which accomplishes essentially the same result of providing tourists with an option to see Cobquecura by bike.

Though businesses don’t always go according to plan, RupuChile ended up being a success through the entrepreneurial spirit of the young people in the town.

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