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The program of expropriations of the coastal area in Dichato about building a mitigation park of tsunamis and driven by the Government on 2011 left several deserted lands that were rented with the first priority to the residents of the locality for a period of two years and with the commitment of a subsequent sale if its socio-economic initiative was successful. To do this, Recupera Chile favored 10 tenants with architecture projects to start the construction permits for approval before the local municipality and the commencement of work, including the technical projects. Three of them were co-funded by special funds with CORFO for entrepreneurship and the rest was funded with own resources and exclusive subsidies.


This is a specific urban operation in which a coastal front is completed with services and that today they contribute with their service activity to the main artery and seafront of Dichato as one of the possible alternatives in the post-disaster recovery initiated and supported by Recupera Chile.

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