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As a nurse at the local infermary, Tatiana had an eye towards both the needs of tourists who come to town as well as the basic health needs of the town’s residents. Her idea was to provide a massage center that could also serve as a basic health clinic with extended hours.

Tatiana had received basic massage training and wanted to build a massage center on the side of her home, so Recupera Chile built a beautiful massage center, complete with a massage salon, a reception area, a full bathroom and a hand-washing station. It also provided Tatiana with additional massage training and all of the implementation of a functioning massage center including massage tables, sheets, towels, oils, hot rocks, lotions and even a full range of herbal teas for her clients.

Tatiana’s business is the best example of a year-round model. In the high tourism season, she provides many relaxation massages for tourists who want to come to Cobquecura as a natural escape. During the low season, she is able to provide some basic health services and more therapeutic massages for residents of the town who are suffering from aches and pains.


She will soon be partnering with a doctor from a nearby town to provide additional services and plans on training several other young women from the town in the massage techniques she has learned. Her business has become a critical part of the Cobquecura tourism experience.

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