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The Artisan Center of San José in Cobquecura was one of the few working collaboratives that came to Recupera Chile for assistance. With over 15 artisans working together to provide gifts, trinkets and other sundries to tourists, this business was an ideal investment for Recupera Chile. The group desparately needed a building in which to sell and store their wares.


Recupera Chile worked with the artisans to construct a new artisanal center on the main street of the town. The center immediately improved the town by providing a space for business and community gathering. Recupera Chile also offered English language training to many of the artisans and some basic business training. This is also one of the first investments made by Recupera Chile and for four years now has proven to be one of the best investments. Not only was it able to improve the quality of life of all of the artisans who participate in the center, it has provided an additional storefront for tourists who come looking for unique local gifts which vastly improves Cobquecura’s tourism offering.



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